Trailer lights, Connectors and Clips

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Trailer lights

A pair of top quality, shock proof, sealed, LED trailer lights made to Safelite's own specifications.
Square shaped approximately 100mm x 100mm.
They include a reflector, tail lights, brake lights, indicators and emergency flasher circuits. 
The left light includes the standard number plate light.
The distance between the mounting bolts is 52mm.
The length of the bolts from the base of the lights is 12mm and are supplied with dome stainless-steel nuts.
The voltage range is between 8v to 30v.
Each light comes with 1.4 metres of cable, which is trimmed and ready for connection.

Trailer connector

A top of the range, top-quality, flat 7 pin trailer connector.
It will fit all standard trailer sockets.
Its large nut at the cable entrance has two seals to keep out water and make it easy to take out and put in. 

Safeclip bungies

Not available at this point in time.

  • Coming Soon

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